Author: Bruno Bandelier

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Can Karate improve my health?

Karate is a martial art of self-defense, certainly, but can it also improve my health? The practice of karate allows the harmonization of body and mind. By this harmonization, it brings a lot to our physical and psychic state, so ...

Combinations Kihon

Live Karate course

Live Karate Course! Today, special training with a live Karate Course. Put on your karategi because with this Live Karate Course, we left for more than 20 minutes from Kihon on Soto Uke & ...

Diverse shin-gi-tai

Shin Gi Tai, unity of mind, technique and body.

Shin Gi Tai is the unity of mind, technique and body. I would like to talk to you about a fundamental concept in Karate, the Shin Gi Tai, which could be translated by the unity of thought, technique and physics. Indeed, when ...

Diverse Decomposition of Salvation

The salute or Rei

Salvation or Rei In karate salvation is a ritual done at the beginning and end of each class. Even though this ritual is not a religious ritual (it is not a prayer), it is no less important. This is the expression ...

Combinations Kihon

Kihon defense techniques

Kihon Defense Techniques Today we are going to do a Kihon with only defense techniques with basic positions. We will do very simple techniques: Gedan barai in Zenkutsu Dachi; Uchi Uke in Kokutsu Dachi and Soto Uke in Kiba Dachi.

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