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The Art of the Way - Number 1


The art of track number 1so here's the first issue of "The Art of the Way".

The beginning of a great and beautiful adventure for Antoine Thibaut, the editor of this monthly magazine. ™ and all his team (I'm all alone :-)) wish a long life to this magazine that will make us discover through the publications the history and culture of martial arts..




History of an art: karate

In this first part, he tells us (on page 5) Karate history and its origins on the island of Okinawa with a detail of the various best-known styles. The original ones, like Shuri-te, Nahate, Tomari-Te, but also current styles like Shotokan (founded by Master Funakoshi), Uechi-ryu, Wado-ryu, Kyokushinkay, Shito-ryu, Kempo and Kobudo.Karatédo acronyms various style

The Japanese sword or Katana ...

Katana Saber JapaneseOn page 11, in the rubric the saber way we will discover how to choose his katana.

You will learn 2 essential questions to ask before buying a sword, but above all you will understand how to choose well and what are the various criteria that make the quality of a Japanese sword.

Katana Japanese saber in Forged and tempered steelThe article on the different forging processes of the steel of a Katana and on the tempering of the blade is fascinating. You will discover unfamiliar terms like Maru, Kobuse ...

You will also learn that according to the chosen sword, the interview will be different.

Aikido, the way of the concordance of energies

In this chapter (on page 17), Antoine gives us the light on Aikido or the path of unified energies.

"Men in skirts, lack of strength, unrealistic projections ... at first sight a large number of people smile when they see a demonstration of Aikido. This art seems indeed at first sight for the uninitiated completely rigged and unrealistic. "

He is not going to make friends, our friend Antoine ;-) ...

In fact he wants, by this introduction, to show us the paradox that there is with Aikido between what is perceived from the outside and the redoubtable and very real efficiency of this art.

AikidoAntoine details Aikido as a very complete discipline, with techniques with bare hands, falls. He then tells us about the science of displacement and the art of weapons specific to Aikido.

"Aikido appears as a complete art and hides behind its humanist spirit, a formidable art."

Martial art, what is it?

on page 24, Antoine raises a very interesting subject and tries to answer a question that seems very simple:

"What is a martial art? »(Mystery !!!)

what is a martial art However the answer is not obvious and requires a lot of thought.

Antoine will lead us to reflect on the subject by dissecting the terminology of the question asked by speaking first of all about art and then the martial aspect ...

He will then make an approach to the martial arts according to their purpose, namely, the preservation of the body and the moral contributions (values, honor, peace ...)

"The martial arts therefore appear as a fighting art, carrying values ​​seeking to develop the individual not only on the physical aspect but also moral."

The voice of a way: François Chailleux

François Chailleux Professor of Yquyên Vo ThuatOn page 31, Antoine Thibaut makes Interview with François Chailleux Professor of Yquyên Vo Thuat (I assure you, it's as hard to pronounce as to write :-))

The interview is based on 5 simple questions:

1 - How would you define martial arts?

2 - Your school has three disciplines, can you tell us about it in a few words?

3 - Can you tell us about the technical specificities of the Y quyen?

4 - What are the necessities of the practitioner and what develops the Y quyen at home?

5 - What is your perspective on all new practices such as MMA, UFC ...?

In this very rewarding section we learn, through the voice of a expert in martial arts, to discover a discipline that I personally did not know, but which seems to have the same goals as karate. Judge yourself:

« It is a practice of well-being and especially an art of defense which is the predominant part of the martial art. Initially it's still a defense practice and then it became an art of well-being and a way of knowing, a way of life. "

But there are of course other topics to discover in this first issue, bibliography, filmography and even a little philosophy and a zest of humor.

The art of track number 1



It is now time to let you discover this first part of a long suite.

You will enjoy learning.

You can download this first number by clicking on the photo opposite..



The other numbers are all downloadable on Site and Masterfight

I wish you a very good reading,

see you soon,

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  1. Marina Ana Vrabec at

    Hello Bruno,
    excellent idea to start such a review. I'm glad it creates people who have experience in the martial arts. I think it would be beneficial for all of us to practice. Many change their beliefs attitudes about the martial arts. They have spiritual roots, not violence.
    Congratulations to the entire team, who governs this newspaper and many, many successes in their future work. Let the "art of the Way" live long! Thank you!

    • Hello Marina Ana,
      In fact this review has already 10 months and has just reached the 5000 downloads.
      The work of Antoine Thibaut is really good, it makes us discover other Martial Arts and especially remains very traditional.

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