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The Art of the Way N ° 4: from Taiji Chuan to


The Art of the Way - 4 Cover PhotoI was a little late in writing the abstracts of the art of the way Antoine Thibaut's magazine devoted to martial arts. Indeed, at the time when I write this 4th summary, Antoine is already preparing the 15th number.
But I promise I'll catch up

It is impressive the work done by Antoine in each issue.

In this 4th number of the art of the way, Antoine will make us travel back in time starting with the history of a very ancient Chinese martial art, Taiji Chuan to end with the presentation of ™ (yes, we are in the spotlight!) passing among other things by a reflection on the martial art and the sport of combat.

The history of Taiji Chuan:

Antoine first proposes an article on the history of Taiji Chuan, a very popular internal martial art that includes energy and breathing exercises.

If we often imagine this practice as a form of gymnastics, do not be mistaken, Taiji Chuan is above all a martial art.

In this article we discover the martial origins of this art but also its decline during the recent period.

Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido:

Morihei Ueshiba Founder of AikidoThis issue of the art of the way, also marks the beginning of a series of articles which will become one of the important points of the magazine "martial pantheon". This series brings us to the pantheon of the martial arts and every month we will discover a short biography of one of the important characters of the martial arts. For this first part, Antoine chose none other than Master Ueshiba Moriheï, the founder of Aikido, a Japanese martial art that Antoine had already highlighted in the very first issue of the art of the track. Antoine traces here the story of this great Master since his birth in 1877, his childhood and his rather weak constitution, until his death in 1969 passing through the creation of Aikido on the basis of Jujutsu Takeda family .


Technical, Historical, Biographical and Cultural Encyclopaedia of Martial Arts of the Far EastAntoine presents us this month the 4th edition of the encyclopedia of martial arts of Gabrielle and Roland Habersetzer.

A wealth of information from 850 pages and 7700 referenced terms where Antoine often draws his inspiration to write these articles in the art of the way.

The history of Katana:

The Katana worn by a SamuraiIn the section "the way of the sword", Antoine introduces us to the story of the katana, the famous sword of the samurai.

We go back to the ancient origins of this weapon and we discover the influence of the Korean culture and the various wars and political regimes that Japan has known about the development of this weapon now known as one the best weapon in the world.

Martial arts, self defense and combat sport:

The title already says a lot about this exciting article. You will discover the difference that exists between Antoine between combat sports and martial arts.

It is not limited to this distinction alone, however, and adds a third category, methods of self defense.

Judo :

JudoAntoine comes this time to enlighten us on a martial art, a sport that we all know from near and far, the Judo.

This martial art created in 1882 by Jigoro Kano and the first modern martial art. This is undoubtedly what makes it so popular.

Antoine will explain the history of Judo and its fundamental principles. Then he will take us to the tatami mats to present training, competitions, in short, the judoka ...

The digital way:

In this last section Antoine highlights two websites dealing with martial arts.

  1. The first is martial web, an excellent martial arts forum.
  2. The second site is your favorite karate site, I named : ™ : )
    Wow, we are in the spotlight, it's nice. Thank you Antoine!

Download the Art of the Way N ° 4

The Art of the Way - 4 Cover Photo



It is now time to let you discover this fourth issue of the art of the way.

Once again, you will enjoy!

You can download this 4ème number by clicking on the photo opposite..



The other numbers are all downloadable on Masterfight

I wish you a very good reading,

see you soon,

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