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The art of the way N ° 3: All about Cross Training


Cover of the art of the way N ° 3In this third issue of Antoine Thibaut's magazine devoted to martial arts, we will discover the history of Capoeira, which came straight from Brazil. Antoine will also enlighten us on Kung Fu and he will draw his latest article with Iaido.

But what interested me most as a coach is the chapter on Cross Training and its contributions in the martial arts. But I was very surprised because I did not have the same definition of Cross Training Antoine Thibault, as I learn every day. I'll talk about that in the chapter on Cross Training.

Capoeira, the story of a Brazilian martial art:

Many hesitate between a martial art and a dance watching the practitioners of Capoeira.

But behind its colorful and jovial airs, Capoeira hides a much darker story, rooted in the gang wars and slavery in nineteenth century Brazil.Capoeira

Antoine Thibaut goes in this chapter take us to the African origins of Capoeira, with slaves brought to Brazil in the nineteenth century, revisited in Brazilian sauce with the gang wars that went well.
He describes the course of Capoeira with many street fights, until the 30 years that marked its legalization and the beginning of the emergence of modern capoeira.


After teaching us what self defense was, Antoine Thibault advises us on self defense: Protegor - A practical guide to personal safety, self-defense and urban survival

He presents us with this book of Guillaume Morel et Frédéric BOUAMMACHE as a guide with many explanatory diagrams and interviews.

This book will teach you not only to defend yourself, but also to manage your stress and organize yourself.

Who wants peace prepares for war !

Such is, according to Antoine, the adage best suited to this book.

Kung Fu:

You are all Gong Fu (no, I did not blame!) And Antoine will explain why thanks to the etymology of Kung Fu.

Most of you know Kung Fu through movies or by the famous Shaolin Monks.Hung Gar, a Chinese martial art

Antoine goes further and sheds light on this martial art that comes from China. In fact, it rather sheds light on the Wu Shu, which brings together all the Chinese martial arts by moving from the internal arts to the external arts and various styles of the North and Southern styles.

Antoine will describe to us what are Xin Yi Chuan, Bagua Zhan, Shaolin Chuan, and many others ...

He will also teach us that:

"It's mainly Southern styles that inspired Karate ..."

The Cross Training:

As I told you before, I did not have the same definition of the Cross Training that Antoine before reading is article and I must admit that at first I did not understand everything.

In fact my mistake came from my very high level in English (no coment, please !!!) and I translated dumbbell Cross Training by training of cross in the direction of endurance training. As I do Triathlon, it could only interest me.

In fact, I had everything: Cross, comes from the verb To Cross which means croiser, and Cross Training therefore translates Cross training ou versatile.

Wow! shame! you did not know that Bruno ??? (uh yes, yes, of course :-()

Cross Training, Complementarity Chart

As a result, Antoine explains that cross training in the martial arts is the fact of training in several disciplines either simultaneously or alternatively.

Antoine studies this work of complementarity following if it is occasional or deep or both at the same time and exposes us the advantages of Cross Training, but also its limits.

In fact for a practitioner of Cross Training, the ideal is to read the magazine "The art of the way", at least there is complementarity 😉

Iaido, the art of unsheathing by striking:

Antoine presents here an art little known to the general public but yet impressive and beautiful. Judge yourself:

Iaido the art of unsheathing by striking"The Master is on his knees, calm and serene, He is imperturbable, seems almost asleep. Then like a flash, the blade comes out of its sheath without making the slightest noise and in its movement strikes, then strikes again. The Master shakes her, then shines, and always appears peaceful. That's the Iaido. "

I will not say more (it's too good!).

After this presentation, I advise you to download on Masterfight this 3 th issue of the magazine "The art of the way" Antoine Thibaut and you feast.

The other numbers are all downloadable on Masterfight

Good reading

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I admit that this is new for me, I discover new terminologies: cross training, crossfit. I will try to download the 3e issue of the magazine to satisfy my curiosity.
    Thank you Fabrice for joining his useful links.

  2. Hello Fabrice,

    Big discussion yesterday with our friends cardiologists: the cross training was flamed!
    Their discourse consists in the fact that the cardiovascular level is too high at the time of the effort and that one does not work therefore on the volume of the left ventricle but on the myocardium. It is an effort of resistance ... NOT possible to improve its endurance of bottom nor its aerobic capacity in this context. Just muscle the membrane of the heart.
    For had, if one adopts such practices, a work of endurance of ground remains obligatorily complementary.
    There was also talk of cross training in the context of weight loss and the comments were not very positive either. In short: more carbohydrate than fat expenses ... a direct and free ticket for a hint of hypoglycemia!
    It is therefore necessary to frame very strongly the doses of cross training and the times at which this practice is done on the day (fasting: to avoid to death)
    Hard hard ! O))))

    • Bandelier Bruno at

      Hi Franck,
      Your debate is interesting, except that in my opinion you did not tackle Cross Training, but CrossFit. The CrossFit is a very effective bodybuilding method but also very controversial because the training is very hard there and often until the exhaustion and there is a risk for the called heart.
      Cross training has nothing to do and nothing dangerous A +

    • Hello everybody

      I totally agree with Bruno. There is no question of Cross Training but surely CrossFit. The article "The art of the way N ° 3" is very explicit on the subject. It would be enough to read it to understand what it's all about. Reading it, I immediately made the parallel with Bruce Lee when he developed his Jeet Kune Do. Indeed, he studied about 27 disciplines from which he was inspired by what they had better and more realistic. Moreover in karate it was no different when we know that most of the masters crossed many disciplines. Take Kanazawa in Shotokan for example with Tai Chi Chuan. And in the older times with Matsumora between karate, Kenjustu Jigen-ryu and Hsing I Ch'an.
      Cross Training has nothing to do with cardio or endurance. After to know if CroosFit is a good method or not, I would say that almost any method has detractors. The best is to try it yourself to appreciate the virtue.
      As for CroosFit, I did not know him. It was thanks to Bruno that I began to research what it is.
      I found information about this method on Wikipedia. Here is the link for those who would like to know what is CrossfFit:
      There is another link to a video on the subject. Here is also the link of this video:
      After reading and viewing this information, I was struck to see a strong resemblance to Bruce Lee's Global Fitness Program. As described in John Little's book "TRAINING WITH BRUCE LEE, the expression of the human body".
      I do not know if that's what Bruce Lee died. But I know from my personal experience that training until exhaustion can have virtues in some exercises.
      That's what I leave you with these few thoughts and I hope I have not been too verbose.

  3. Fabrice André Morel at

    It is an honor to know that in France Karate Body is related to Wado-Ryu Karate. Catherine Belrhiti is the wife of Patrice Belrhiti, the lead of Karate Wado-Ryu in France.

    • Hi Fabrizio,

      Catherine Belrhiti is the wife of Patrique Belrhiti, but she is especially several times European Champion and World Champion. So I'm going to rewrite your sentence, if you allow it:

      It is an honor to know that in France Wado-Ryu Karate is linked to Karate Body. Patrice Belrhiti is the husband of Catherine Belrhiti, Representative of Body-Karate in France.

      Like what even a sentence to its opposite. It's Yin and Yang

      Truce joke, here is a presentation of Karate Body that we made Karate Club Langres with some videos of sequences invented precisely by Catherine Belrhiti:

      Body Karate with Bruno !!!


  4. Hi Bruno

    For The Body Karate, how are the programs for the courses ?? it is the good will of the Prof who create the same sequences that they want to learn or there is there a program specific to the discipline ??
    I admit that I am curious to know.

    Regards Greg 'kill' from Niort

  5. Fabrice André Morel at

    I was not the first to make the comparison. I relied on a Kenji Tokitsu text. In addition I heard the same thing here and there on the net. And that did not seem to me aberrant. When we see famous martial artists who have also been very great dancers. For example, Jean-Claude Vandamme. And even better, Bruce Lee who won the chacha championship in Hong Kong.

  6. I liked the article on capoeira. And I could not help the parallels with Karate. Indeed, there are many martial arts related to dance. For example, there is a striking similarity between Okinawa dance as practiced in Tomari and some ancient Katas. We do not know which influenced the other. But what is certain in comparison with different martial arts like Penchak Silat for example, is that the dance often allowed to conceal training with prying eyes. And this since very old times. It could even be that all martial arts were born from the dance.

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