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The art of meditation


meditationThe art of meditation

What does meditation bring to the person who practices it, and especially to karateka? It may seem legitimate to ask this question for those who do not know the meditation, since the latter is too often considered as a simple method of secondary health.

However, martial art and meditation do not seem to be separable and their history shows us their complementarity. For an effective combat technique, developed through the different warlike demands and endowed with the dimension that makes it an "art", it was necessary to integrate this spiritual aspect, which characterizes all martial arts. The Budo (the path of the warrior) is, as its name suggests, a path: spiritual path, philosophical path ... the path of the warrior consists of a set of values, a code of honor and principles. Each practitioner chooses his path and continues his path within the martial art: Karate is not a unique and identical system that applies mechanically to all karatekas: it is a method of defense, composed of common values certainly, but that must allow everyone to realize and emancipate themselves. To understand the essence of karate, it is important to grasp this spiritual dimension.

Karate-Do is not just a method of self-defense, it is also a path in which everyone must be able to find himself.

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How to reach deep meditation
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How to find this way?

Meditation is a quest for self, an inner search. It must allow everyone to turn to what he is, to what he wants to be. There are many ways to meditate, different methods (Zen, meditation in religions such as Christianity, Islam, or Hinduism ...) and all have this concern to soothe the spirit, to calm the fluctuations of thought, to achieve more serenity. To dissociate meditation and martial art amounts to creating a duality mind and body. It is often said that a good practitioner must master three elements: shin, wasa et thaï (the mind, the technique and the body). But karate does not exist outside these three elements together. Moreover, it is shin, the spirit, which remains the most important according to Taisen Deshimaru, Zen master.

Indeed, you know very well, as martial arts practitioners, that the psychological dimension remains fundamental.

You can master the technique and enjoy exceptional physical condition, but if your mind is not up to scratch you can be easily knocked down. Meditation seeks to reach a spiritual level to remain lucid and psychologically strong. Karate and mediation appear as two complementary categories in the same way as Yin and Yang. Karate is characterized by action, movement, contact, confrontation ... Meditation is a search for emptiness, non-ego, immobility, the mind, non-action ... Karate needs this balance, this harmony, to be a martial art and not just a combat sport. Let us not forget that Karate is the art of the empty hand which means that we fight with bare hands but also that the heart and mind of Karateka must be empty; Empty of all parasitic thought, empty all bad intentions, ...

Karate3G Meditation

In addition, meditation improves concentration, develops attention and increases sensitivity. According to Master Deshimaru, to concentrate is to "put one's ki, its vital energy, in one action at a time "(Taisen Deshiamru, Zen and martial arts). The art of meditation allows karateka to be more effective, to be "stronger and wiser" at the same time.

Meditating is also a respiratory work that leads to more control over your hara and your center.

A better control of your emotions and deep self-knowledge are indispensable for being an accomplished karateka.

To help you reach deep meditation, I have prepared a one-week program. Leave me your email and I send you this program in your mailbox.

How to reach deep meditation
in 1 semaine!

Tell me where I can send you this meditation program.

Remember that meditation is not an easy practice: you have to be willing to devote yourself regularly (which does not necessarily mean every day) just as for karate. It lasts all the life, one can always progress and reach new stages!

See you soon,

And you, do you use meditation in your workouts? Leave me a comment to answer me!

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  1. Fan since 5 years of 3G meditation, and spirituality 3G since 4 years, I confirm that it is an excellent practice joint to that of the martial arts.

  2. Hello,
    Fan of 3G meditation since 5 years and 3G spirituality since 4 years I confirm that it is great as a method, in full agreement and synergy with the way of DO martial arts.
    Thank you for these emails.

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