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Antoine Pinardin, winner of the Open Adidas, tells us how he lived the competition


Winner of the Adidas 2019 Open, Antoine Pinardin gave us his emotions during this competition. In the category of + 84kg, the champion won the first place, despite a difficult start.

Antoine Pinardin gives us his emotions

Antoine Pinardin

Antoine Pinardin remporte la première place sur le podium à l’Open Adidas 2019.

The Open Adidas competition was held last 19 and 20 last October at the Dome of Villabon. Antoine Pinardin emerged victorious from the competition. He told us about his adventure during the two days of intensive competition.

"Late competition for my category of + 84kg, I go to weigh 15h 30. I warm up in the wake, and I'm called quickly enough, no delay on schedule.

Complicated entrance, I feel heavy, and I make a difficult first fight, despite the excellent coaching of my friend Yohann Bastienwho offered me the solutions on a platter.
I win in extremis with a leg technique at the end of the fight.

It is during the second round that I release myself, I find my usual sensations, and I will then win all other fights with eight points difference. (Maximum difference in karate, which can be declared winner of the fight before the time runs out.)

It was a good day at the Adidas Open, despite a difficult start.
Encouraging win in this first national competition of the season.
The second will be the Coupe de France, which will take place at the end of November. "

Who is Antoine Pinardin?

Antoine Pinardin

Antoine Pinardin a montré sa force à l’Open Adidas 2019.

Antoine Pinardin is a young karateka of 17 years, licensed at the Sporting International Karate or SIK Paris, where he trains with Serge Chouraqui, and also a karate-gi athlete.

He began practicing karate at the age of 6 at the Karate Club Bourguignon or KCB, in Fontaine lès Dijon. Today third dan, he has a training in traditional karate he pursues on the sidelines of his sports season with Hervé Delage. He has also trained many times with Jean-Pierre Lavorato.

At 24 years, Antoine Pinardin is today an international champion. Check out his winners on the page of Athletes of

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