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Active Radio (February 2016) - Interview on the radio


Active Radio: Interview with Bruno Bandelier

The 22 February 2016, I was interviewed on Active Radio to talk about Karate on the internet and especially about the karate3G ™ method. I was a little taken aback when the reporter called me because even though I knew he had to call me, I did not have time to prepare anything but finally the exchange did not is that more natural. I tried to defend the qualities of our art and to show that it could be practiced by everyone.

Here is the full transcript of the interview:

Active Radio :

"The guest of the editorial on Active Radio! "

Making Karate on the internet is now possible, thanks to a Langrois called Bruno Bandelier. He offers us a method called karate3G ™.

I propose you to know a little more about this new method of learning.

Bruno :

I have been a Karate teacher for about fifteen years. I am a teacher at Karate Club Langres. I practice Karate since 1993. So it's been a long time already, I've always been passionate about karate and I created lately ... in fact, I started to put Karate courses online simply because I could not find any .

I wanted to put Karate lessons on the Langres Karate Club website and I could not find any, so I started to create a site on Karate, with Karate courses online. This site is growing well, there are many requests. Karateka are always looking for information to review at home. This site also allows people who do not practice Karate, discover this martial art, and often it makes them want to go into a club and start practicing Karate.

Active Radio :

I see on your site: "No need to be in shape, it's Karate that will give you back the form"! So, is this reality?

Bruno :

Karate is a sport that is very complete; it is a martial art, but it is also a sport, it is a gymnastics of the body and the mind which is really very complete. We mobilize all parts of the body: From a physical point of view we mobilize the legs, the upper body, ... we work as well endurance, as the resistance, that the bodybuilding, ... All techniques Karate are really going to develop the whole body. And then it makes the mind work by Kata, visualization, ... In fact we are really in harmony between the body and the mind, by the practice of Karate, so these are not words at all. air.

And when I put this on the site, it's also because I have people who tell me "I'm too fat, I'm too much .... And he says to me: "I can not do karate." While, not at all, karate is only practiced with his body so in fact, we will adapt his practice according to his physical state of the moment. There are people who are disabled, they miss an arm, they do not prevent them from doing Karate. It is certain that if they miss their right arm, they can not punch with the right arm, but they still manage to practice. So someone who is not yet fit, will adapt his practice to his current physical state and then, he will develop and progress slowly and improve his physical condition by practicing Karate.

Active Radio :

So we can use your site, even if we never made Karate?

Bruno :

Yes quite. My approach has two aspects: Either someone who does not Karate, can learn Karate, or at least discover and learn a lot of Karate techniques via videos. And often it makes them want to go to a club to train. And it also allows those who are already training in a club, to progress much faster through personal training at home.

The approach of karate3G ™ and Karate in general is open to everyone. There is no need to be very fit or to make the big difference to be able to do Karate. Anyone can do karate.

Active Radio :

So, for all the listeners interested, how can we find you on the internet?

Bruno :

There are several solutions, in fact. Someone who types "Karate Bruno Bandelier", he will find me on Google. Otherwise, they come on, either, which is my blog with free access, with lots of videos. They are already going to have a lot of lessons on video. And if not the platform karate3G ™ is on karate3G ™ .com. There is a platform a little more accomplished, with training on meditation, bodybuilding, ... in addition to Karate courses online.

Active Radio

This is in any case a very good idea, to get in shape at the beginning of the year 2016. The site also specifies that martial art is a vector of well-being, emotional calm and inner serenity.Active Radio Logo

That's it, I thank Active Radio for this exchange and greet all their listeners.

See you soon,

And you, what did you think of this interview? Tell me in a comment below!

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