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The 7 criteria for a good download platform!


Here is the video N ° 2 of the series of 4 free videos that I have prepared for you to present the future download platform of KBN which will officially open its doors the Thursday 19 / 12 / 2013.

In this video N ° 2 I give you the advantages of a download platform and in particular the 7 essential criteria for a download platform to be really useful and nice for the karateka we are.

In the 1 video, I explained the reasons that led me to undertake this download platform project for KBN.
We saw together that sometimes we could not see the videos properly, and therefore miss some workouts at home, either because of a connection low speed, or a limited package, or no connection at all, either because of a screen too small...
Maybe you too have encountered this kind of difficulty, or you simply need to be able to slow motion and freeze to deepen your study of karate?

Many of you have registered to watch the 1 video and many have left a comment to answer my questions.
Some even sent me emails ... Thank you, your help is precious to finalize this project!
I have not answered everyone yet, but I will do it live soon in a video! (Not to miss :-))

In any case, I have already begun to improve some aspect of the platform thanks to your suggestions! It's really very stimulating this team work, it's like a real club, where everyone helps each other! It's awesome !

In this 2th free video, I will show you the 7 essential criteria of a good download platform:
I was able to establish these 7 criteria thanks to you, to the answers you left me in the polls of the last months and in the comments that you made or even to the mails that you sent me.
These 7 criteria will allow the download platform to be easy to use and above all will allow karateka to perfect their training without having to fight with computer software. You and I are karateka, not computer scientists, once the kimono is on, we want to be able to enjoy videos in 2 maximum clicks whether or not there is an internet connection, rather than tearing hair on his keyboard and to take our computer for a makiwara, Aie!

To continue the adventure with me, go quickly see this 2ème free video and tell me at the end of the video the benefits that such a platform could bring you personally and what would you do after downloading KBN videos .

See you soon, for the rest of the adventure!

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