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100 testimonials from readers


Many of you send me messages of sympathy that always make me very warm at heart.
In a survey, I invited you to leave me a message and you really spoiled me and sent many messages showing your commitment to ™.
I thank you all for your fidelity and your encouragement.

I can not of course publish all the testimonials of sympathy that I receive, but I have selected a hundred for you.
(maybe there is yours ;-))

  1. Bruno,
    I really like your videos ... It gives me the taste to continue, it gives me motivation.
    Thank you for sharing the same passion with me!
    Stéphane, 52, Administrative Officer for Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada. In Gatineau, Quebec.
  2. Hi Bruno.
    You have the same name as my karate teacher. It must be a good sign!
    Your blog is super nice and especially the essential to find the dynamism the correct movement positions etc are the videos.
    That's happiness, it's huge to have this complementary tool to review sometimes what I learned, it's essential and it's super well done and also sometimes to have a first lesson on some elements .
    I hope to progress ryu, be able to identify the concerns and fix it after the dojo. And really having ex placement positions and accurate and efficient moves.
    Thank you continues it's really great to have your video to learn evolve review retain the Japanese terms, and can dissect and revise at my own pace and always a little more than what we discussed at the dojo with our teacher.
    Thank you for the free videos very well done, continues.
    Pearly, 30 years old, near Toul. Uniformed official
  3. I wanted to thank you because as I already said in my presentation on your blog, Karate was not a martial art that attracted me, but my eyes changed.
    Thank you for this and for the work provided day by day for ever improving the blog.
    Gregory, 33 years old, unemployed, Niort 79 department.
  4. Hello Bruno,
    I like your blog and I run it regularly
    my goals:
    - in the short term = graduation 3 November 2012
    - in the medium term = passage of the DIF in April 2013
    - in the long term = continue my learning and pass on my knowledge
    I will need your help
    thanking you
    Bastien, 41 ans, Optometrist, Reunion Island
  5. I like your way of teaching very human and warm
    Guénael, 33 years order picker at Objat 19130, Correze (19)
  6. All this represents a big job and a real implication.
    Congratulations for this involvement, which for me is doing me good service.
    Would it be possible in supplements to have a simple list of reference books and videos on Katas that follow basic 5
    Claude. 76 years old. Paris
  7. Hi Bruno,
    Your blog is really nice and helps me a lot in my progression of karate.
    Thank you very much
    Sébastien 42 years Oise
  8. I improve my basic technique with your videos
    Rached, 54 years old, University Teacher, Borj Louzir, Tunisia
  9. Hello Bruno,
    A big thank you for the quality of this blog, thanks to him, many dark points of my kata have been clarified.
    Jean-Louis, 31, computer scientist in Charleroi (Belgium)
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  11. I appreciate the technical videos and they help me to try to correct my faults.
    Carine, 43 years, Salon de Provence.
  12. Hello,
    I do not practice karate but viet Vo Dao (it's relatively close)
    I use the info on your blog for a little extra workout on WE
    (warm up and stretching)
    Thank you
    Yvan 40 ans, pharmacy assistant in Creuse.
  13. The videos help me in learning kata, thank you. It's sort of a special course, which completes my training at the dojo.
    Suggestion: a Japanese / French lexicon of the many terms encountered in karate (including concepts like tadeshi, seigyo, sonchoo ... With a definition) -I want to help, having already built a deck of cards to help me memorize these words .
    And I'm looking forward to a video on Kanku Dai and Empi.
    Anne, 46 years old, Brussels.
  14. Hello Bruno,
    Your initiative is very good. For my part I recommend it to everyone.
    For my part, given that I am 1er dan, have alerts e-mails daily to always stay in touch with the karate environment and therefore not to lose the motivation and desire to practice ...
    For example, often before going to train we do not want to go there
    Sylvain, 37 years old, Rouen
  15. Hello Bruno,
    I'm your blog almost from the beginning and have used it a lot for techniques, and not for kata being Wado (I'm not advanced enough to mix different styles).
    I also followed your advice on some books, or for example. There are still topics that I do not master yet (even in theory) like the rotation on the heels.
    But the practice time will bring me the answers to my questions.
    In any case, thank you for all your work.
    I am brown belt waiting for passage to the black belt.
    Frédéric, 49 years old, musician.
  16. I would like to thank you for what you do for people like me: I learn a lot from reading you ...
    To be able to work alone at home seems to me indispensable when one really wants to follow the path. (in addition to the Dojo)
    Vincent, 30 years, Hénin Beaumont (62)
  17. Hello Bruno,
    I find your site ™ great and unique on the web.
    Without this last I certainly would not have continued karate.
    Indeed, considering my age (66ans) I do not memorize anymore as 20 years, and realize the Katas while respecting the changes of direction! Impossible for me without your videos.
    A thousand more thanks
    Jean-Pierre, 66 years old, Tharon beach
  18. Bruno hello,
    I have 36 years old (1er dan and maybe 2e dan this year if I have time to prepare it properly) and that makes 15-16 that I started Karate.
    My approach is of course different now that when I started and any technical detail "" more martial "" is good to take (it is not pejorative): video expert, Bunkai, other styles ... and Karate-blog allow through the experiences lavished to become aware of a lot of things and progress ... Of course in addition to training at the dojo!
    In any case you take a lot of time to animate your blog and I thank you! We feel a real passion and it feels good!
    Frédéric, 36 years, web project manager and 3d, Lyon
  19. Hello Bruno,
    Your site is great and it is growing week by week. The videos are very clear and well done.
    I made a lot of mistakes just on the first Xianix Heian (Shodan, Nidan and Sandan) and I did not even realize it.
    It's funny but since I'm your videos, my sensei finds that I give myself really thoroughly to the dojo (which is to say that last year I was soft ...).
    I do not know if it has a relationship but it's a funny coincidence.
    Olivier, 25, agronomy researcher in Tournai (Belgium)
  20. Hi Bruno,
    Thank you for your activity and your encouragement and your ideas.
    For me karate I practice it for sport and to have more confidence in being and having a regular sporting activity.
    Today I can not wait to get black, it impresses me
    Hamza, Khenchela, Algeria
    Once again, thank you
    Hamza R, 30 years old Algeria
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  22. Hi Bruno,
    With my dad we watch your classes which brings me a lot.
    I go to classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights more about me and I see the difference
    I progress more and get to do my kata without much difficulty.
    Of course it's not perfect yet but I'll get there
    Thank you
    Dylan, I have 11ans I live in Kernevel 29
    I am in 6em I practice karate since 1 years I attack my second year, I miss my orange belt but will iron it in December.
    I will have it with your help and that of my father, my teacher
  23. Hello Bruno,
    I discovered your blog by looking for ideas to improve the flexibility of legs and the technique of kicks.
    I could see just by applying your advice in the video on Yoko, a significant improvement.
    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and reflection.
    Pascal, 42 years old, 1 dan, Vannes
  24. Hello Bruno,
    It is true that we can never say it enough, thank you again and again for this immense work that you propose to us.
    It must take a considerable amount of time but it's not a waste of time.
    In any case for my part I make sure to respect your work and it is with good heart that I am all your advice, tips and more.
    Thank you again, thank you and thank you.
    Today I work and perfect my karate in order to get my 2e dan.
    The rank is not for me in itself a goal but it sets me a goal to achieve and it helps the motivation I imagine.
    And I must confess that by following your advice, those of my sensei and training that this goal seems much less than I imagined before.
    I thank you again and with the greatest respect.
    My name is Florent, 21 years, black belt 1er dan, and I am currently apprentice Barman in the city of Mantes la jolie. I practice karate since the age of 5 years and intends to continue looonnnnngtemps!
  25. Hello Bruno,
    I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge through your blog.
    It's a great contribution, useful to all I hope! I particularly appreciate your videos.
    My goal is to progress, and never stop learning in the field of karate.
    Sébastien, 28, PhD student in Lorient
  26. Hello Bruno,
    it's the perfect complement to my teacher's classes.
    I can repeat, complete what I did not assimilate on the tatami (alone in my corner).
    Black belt one day, why not?
    Herve, 46 years orange belt, Besançon
  27. Hi Bruno
    Your blog is exciting
    See you soon
    Gérard, 51 years electrician in Flavin
  28. Very good blog, of great use for all!
    Franck, 33 years Provins
  29. Bjr Bruno
    Thank you for your efforts to put all this online because it is a huge job.
    Naim, 36 years old, Tlemcen Algeria
  30. Hi BRUNO
    Your blog gives me good tips for my classes
    Thank you
    Gerard, 51 years electrician in FLAVIN
  31. ™: a great initiative that can really help you progress faster
    Jean-Paul, 44, craftsman Sarthe
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  33. As I already told you I had a heart attack and I have a triple bypass
    Thanks to your site and your explanations I start to appreciate this new discipline for me
    I just got my belt orange I am 2ème Dan in aiki provided it lasts
    Daniel 61 years old Beaurainville
  34. Thanks a million times for this blog, I learned a lot even if sometimes there are things that I knew so I have the pleasure to see them again to remember and memorized them.
    Also, it is an opportunity to capitalize some knowledge or to know other points of view and steps.
    It must be said that your blog is unique, I tell you in all sincerity because here in Morocco, there is really no other source of information than the dojo to progress in the practice of Karate.
    I would like to take this opportunity to ask you a favor if it is possible, sometimes I have a hard time differentiating between the Shotokan and Shotokai style, because there are different varieties
    (a little difference of techniques sometimes one or two techniques within the same kata) between some Kata.
    my name is Hassan, I am 53 years old and I am from Témara in Morocco.
  35. Thank you Bruno, and hello to everyone,
    Thanks to you, I can calmly review my basic positions, learn and understand Kumite, katas, kihons, some situations to better respond to an opponent.
    The positions are reviewed with clear explanations, precise, and info related to the physiology of the body.
    Thanks again. Thierry 1er Dan.
    I present myself at 2è Dan at the end of the year, preparing the DAF.
    Thierry, 57 years, Fontenay the count 85. Painter
  36. Hi Bruno.
    I find your blog great because you have to admit that you are the only one (to my knowledge) to have had this great idea, it is missing on the net experienced practitioners and ready to help the less advanced.
    I started karate in 1999, passed my Dan in 2004 and since then I have never decided to present the 2ème Dan exam but I take a lot of pleasure to practice and learn at each training.
    I would like to emphasize one important thing: I am a BEGINNER ... because the black belt is not the end of a karateka's career but rather the proof that he knows the basics.
    I wish you all a lot of fun to practice this fabulous sport.
    Freddy, 35 years old, independent in Liège
  37. I think you have some techniques and personally as a teacher, I use little practical things that I would not have thought.
    You are a good complement to what is usually found on the net.
    Didier, 41 years old, Besançon / Rioz
  38. Hello Bruno,
    just a big thank you for the work you do on your blog.
    Alain, 53 years, Master agent, the piles
    Hello Bruno San,
    it's only been a week since I started karate, and your course on the first kata helped me a lot, thanks a thousand times
    my goal is certainly to get a black belt but first and foremost I want to have confidence in myself because until then I never had the courage to defend myself when someone wanted me harm, I always considered myself too weak and I want all this to stop
    I look forward to the day when I have a real defense weapon lool (and I hope that karate will bring me that)
    Chahir, 23 years, white belt, pharmacist in Algiers
  39. I really fell by chance on your site and that since my registration in karate.
    I think you've had a genius idea by putting this site online to help other people who need help and explanations about karate.
    I became hooked and it helps me a lot.
    Continue to help us as you do and be proud of what you have accomplished.
    Idriss, 37 years, Mulhouse, white belt
  40. Bruno,
    I spent sixty years and I have been teaching for forty years now, I have pupils who today are black belts 5ème dan and holder of the DEJEPS.
    What you do is a good initiative for those who want to train at home and allow them to go to the club with a better understanding of the techniques.
    Thanks again.
    Christian 63 years old and domiciled in Seine et Marne
  41. Hello Bruno,
    Thank you so much for your fabulous blog. I guess you have to spend a lot of time there.
    I particularly like videos; it's very nice to see them sitting in my living room ... at least the first time,
    after I push all the furniture and I train
    Good luck and thank you again !!!
    David, 42, computer scientist
  42. Thank you for what you do, it allows me to train at home in addition to classes.
    Manue, 46 years old, Ecorpain
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  44. Hello,
    I appreciate your blog because it brings me a different approach to the one I have in the dojo, with a different way of explaining and it allows sometimes to understand what my sensei wanted to make me understand.
    Thanks to this, I can more easily prepare for a training (when I can not go to the dojo) by combining what I have already seen in class and the courses and sequences offered on the blog.
    Very good continuation
    Christine, 35 years old, 1er Kyu karate shotokan
    for the city the department where I live is different from the department where I practice, it's complicated
  45. I do not know what to say, except that your way of explaining is clear and very informative.
    You have the art of turning something difficult into a simple thank you form.
    Aexandre, 35, host and Breton
  46. Good evening Bruno,
    Thank you for devoting so much conviction to the teaching of your passion, I will try to come check your blog from time to time as I learn.
    Marc, 21 years, white belt (Yes, there is a beginning to everything ^^), Toulouse
  47. Hi Bruno,
    Congratulations again for the work on your blog, I think it's the best blog on this topic, it's always a pleasure to see your publications and videos.
    Vincent, 36 years, property manager living in the Eastern Pyrenees (66) in St Paul de Fenouillet (66220)
  48. The blog is excellent, very educational, it allows to see in detail some postures, to revise ... .bref to progress.
    For example on Heian Yodan we see that the juji uke is not armed, while some the weapon ..
    Philippe 53 years seller in st Etienne
  49. Hello Bruno,
    Personally, I am convinced that learning can only be done by oral transmission from teacher to student.
    That's why my expectations can not be met by the solutions you propose.
    As far as I find your site very nice as well as has personality.
    For me this blog is a good reminder that can refer to it when needed.
    Vincent, 40 years, commercial manager in Paris
  50. Thank you Bruno for your very complete blog.
    We see that you put your heart into it. Keep on going !
    Celine, 36, blue on the way to the chestnut. Sales manager. North Seine and Marne.
  51. Thank you for animating this blog which allows me to better memorize the decomposition of the movements.
    Cedric, 18 years old, residing in Savoie. I do not really practice karate, but a form of self defense that my teacher has a lot of karate. And especially in private we work the Shotokan Katas
  52. Hello,
    At 41 years I expect a lot of you to help me perfect myself. Ouz sunsai
    Sheikh, 41 years old, Mbour-Senegal
  53. I confess I'm not an avid reader, but I'm always very satisfied with what I find in response or idea!
    Thank you
    Sylvain, 35, Charnay 25440 school life employee
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  55. I am on the mailing-list but I have not resumed karate for the moment (but I stay on the mailing-list because I will resume one day)
    Thank you for your video
    Justin, 21 years, apprentice engineer Strasbourg
  56. Hi Bruno,
    Since I discovered this blog I spend much more time training in karate with your videos and advice.
    Thanks for this blog.
    Sofiane, 28, Computer maintenance technician in Paris
  57. Hello Bruno
    We will not tell you enough, but your blog and the work you provide is ideal for beginners
    Lack of time with work, homework on arrival at home, it makes me feel good to see the videos on your blog, it allows me to memorize the movements and dice that I have a moment or a day of rest , I put into practice what I saw on your blog and of course with my sensei
    Long live
    I am 43 years old I am in Brittany, close to St Brieuc, my sensei is lee payne 5eme dan
    Thank you Bruno for your great articles and videos.
    Christophe, 27 years old, Châteaudun (28)
  58. Hi Bruno,
    Congratulations on your initiative of this website.
    José, 46, Neurosurgeon, Santiago de Chile (South America) Karate-Do (Go Yu Kai) and Judo.
  59. Hi Bruno,
    Your site is a gem and the enthusiasm that you put in your videos is really communicative.
    I have nothing to complain about your methodology that is very relevant to the courses I take next.
    Thanks to you I pushed the door of a dojo and am a white belt since September, belt that I intend to change quickly with the progress that you help me to do;
    Thank you very much.
    Nicolas, 32 years, white belt, Le pontet
    Nurse in child psychiatry
  60. Hi Bruno,
    Thank you for all since I review with ™ I am progressing better and I have a new vision of karate and I can now thanks to your tips and your videos execute stronger movements and in a simple and effective way .
    Said 30 years old brown belt Algeria.
  61. This site encourages me to love karate and to find it non-mystical.
    Jean Bruno, 42 years old Pointe Noire
  62. Hello Bruno,
    I would like to tell you that you bring me a lot in karate. But in fact you are rather a stepping stone for progress at the club.
    Your videos, your advice is great frankly! And in fact it gave me so much more confidence in me, that I progressed much faster, I think since I know your site, in my club :).
    Some small gaps were fixed and I felt lighter in it thanks to your work!
    I'm still going to tell you that you allowed me to learn Heian Godan that I hardly knew, and thanks to you I hope to pass blue belt this year.
    Go to reassure you and surely give you a lot of pleasure, I took one of my teachers with your site, (ah ah) he was to see and was pleasantly surprised :).
    I also meet a Karateka who also know your site, how you'll be famous soon !!!
    Thank you Sensei Bruno and good luck for the future!
    Vivien, 26, Neuville sur Escaut, logistics agent, green belt, Roeulx Club Karate (59)
  63. Keep up the great work.
    I like what you do
    Gaetan 51 Quebec Canada
  64. Hi Bruno,
    > Thank you so much for everything you do for us,
    > Since I discovered your blog I have a lot
    > progressed
    > Your blog is really unique and very nice.
    I am more motivated
    Thanks for all
    Med 50ans teacher primary Marrakech
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  66. Hi Bruno,
    It's really an excellent idea the site you created, it allowed me to put a foot to the curry.
    I got my brown belt in 2004 for nothing.
    Why ? Too much doubt, yet my wife, my children and my brother-in-law tell me that I have to go on.
    I know it, it's my element but returning to the tatami is hard, even here I am welcomed with open arms.
    Besides, I had the impression of having dropped them, that's it.
    Thank you Bruno
    My name is Jean-Yves, I am 43 years old and I work in the building. I am in the workshop and I work sheet metal. This is another difficulty to resume training. Otherwise I live in the Adhémar Guard in Drôme Provençale.
  67. Hi Bruno. It's been a month now that I practice karate in a dojo with a beautiful white kimono and a beautiful white belt with red piping. Once a week with a duration of 01H15. It's very addictive. Your beautiful videos help me progress at home. At the age of 50 years, I find this martial art awesome.
    My name is Yannick, 50 years and industrial network engineer living in the department of Yvelines. I am a scuba diving instructor and swim instructor with fins. I also practice jogging + mountain biking and hiking.
  68. Hi Bruno,
    just say thank you thank you for this contribution, which will certainly allow me to move faster. My goal is to naturally get the black belt and can participate in competitions.
    Mamadou says Christophe, white belt, 20 years, student in law in Dakar, Senegal.
  69. Hello Bruno,
    I have great respect for karate and what you represent.
    I restart at zero despite getting my blue belt 5 years ago.
    Not discouraged and even more motivated than ever and thanks to my previous knowledge, I train with my classmates 1 once a week at the dojo.
    I strongly think that you can bring me a lot of things in my techniques.
    My goal is not only the black belt but much more.
    A big thank you for your blog full and very rewarding.
    Laurent, 40 years old, Plumber heating technician in Paray Le Monial 71
  70. Good evening Bruno !!!!
    Am very beginner but able to put his belt was a very important video for me so thank you ......
    I can continue slowly for the rest of your program because I already have a busy schedule ....
    Good luck and I hope to progress faster with your videos ....
    Cordially .
    Christel 45 years, beginner so white belt of the Oise, Assistante in Paris
  71. Thank you for taking care of karate and dedicating your time for others to improve.
    Luke, 18 years, student, Paris.
  72. Congratulations for the videos and your investment
    Christophe, 50 years old, Belfort
  73. Thank you for all the work done on the blog.
    Philippe, 50 years, engineer
  74. Hello Bruno,
    I congratulate you on the hard work and energy of holding a karate blog. Consultable at any time, it is a very rich educational tool and yet that costs nothing! It helps me to review my achievements, compare my career with other practitioners, have a quality education with you that can be seen right away ...).
    Patrick, 51 years, technician in the transport, in La Rochelle (17).
  75. I live in deep country, moreover if I go to town it is the Aikido that I chose, but I could not go to two clubs at a time so I try to know the movements in karate, because I like it and that I think it's okay with Aikido.
    Jean-Patrick, 48 years old, Castelnau de Brassac 81260.
  76. Hello Bruno,
    Thank you for your blog. I went instead to nihon tai jitsu but being a beginner, I came across your blog exciting trying to understand the positions (the same for some, karate).
    So, I signed up and read you regularly.
    Thank you for your work ...
    Sincerely Laurent
    Laurent 40 years old, Saint Chamas
  77. Thank you Bruno for everything you do.
    As I said, your site is by far the best I know. It allowed me to make a lot of progress. It is extremely useful otherwise I will not progress quickly enough with only the courses at the dojo.
    I am not a karate fan unlike some of my classmates. But I find a lot of pleasure. It's perfect for regular physical training. It's a sport that seems really complete.
    Eric, 52 years, yellow belt, Paris
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  79. Hello Bruno
    I like your videos
    It remains accessible to a large number
    It allowed me this summer not to cut my links with karate.
    Continue well and I hope to meet you very soon during an internship or why not during an invitation to one of your workouts ^^
    Laurent, 33 years, green belt, Saint Paul three Chateaux (president of the club ^^)
  80. slt Bruno
    thank you again for your videos that made me progress and I got my yellow belt it allows me to train at home thank you even more cordially.
    Pascal, 50ans, operator in manufacturing, textile factory
  81. Your blog allows me to better understand some techniques, video support is a very good approach and allows me to work at my own pace. I need time and repetition to improve myself.
    You are doing a great job and I hope you will continue it for a long time.
    Jean-Marc, 44 years, yellow belt, chemist in Lyon.
  82. Hi Bruno
    My name is Robert I have 16 years thanks to you I can prepare my green belt that I spend in 2 months.
    Thanks to your blog I can review exercises and my goal and get my belt and become stronger.
    I can not wait for you to put more videos
    Robert, 16 years old, Châtelet
  83. Hello Bruno,
    Thank you for your selflessness and your personal investment. I live in Dijon, I practice at KCB and I hope to meet you one day through an internship for example. In any case, often your site allows me to review and answer my questions. Thank you again and continue in this direction, you are great ...
    Arnaud, 39 years, Company Manager, Dijon
  84. Thank you Bruno for your blog,
    it is an excellent complement for those who, like me, are quite limited in terms of the time of attendance of a dojo (2h30 per week).
    Julien, 24 years, human resources manager
  85. I have the same message to tell you that of Olivier:
    Your blog helps me a lot. It is even more useful for me because I am a beginner and I am 66 years old. The practice at home of kata is therefore essential if I want to progress at the same speed as the youngest.
    I'm doing it now thanks to your blog.
    Fernand, 66, retired, Montreal, Quebec
  86. Hello Bruno,
    Just a big thank you! your blog has also brought me a lot. Your involvement in karate and especially this sharing of knowledge make you an example to follow.
    Thank you
    Marc 35 years old Liévin
  87. Hello Bruno,
    thank you for the efforts you make to make us enjoy this noble art
    you made me love karate, thank you again.
    Ludovic 46 years landscaper in Perpignan
  88. Hi Bruno,
    Thank you for your wise advice. I regularly check your blog and learn a lot of things.
    The one who really helped me is the one where you explained how to move faster. I think you called it letting go.
    My Sensei Jacques Pépin from Quebec noticed that I had made progress on this side.
    Having done a lot of sports throughout my life and having also had a lot of injuries I turned to karate which really brings me everything so I need both physically and mentally.
    As the saying goes, a breast body in a breast spirit.
    Yves, 42, Technical Representative, Mont St-Grégoire, Quebec, Canada
  89. The videos and explanations help me to progress, thank you for taking the time to explain in detail the different techniques
    Delphine, 36 years, engineer, in Paris
  90. Hi Bruno,
    that's what you do. Your blog completes my karate lessons and always brings a little something extra that makes the difference.
    I like it when you "" depiautes "" the movements, like kicks in croissants ... but being 1er dan, I would like, if it is possible, that you do as much on movements a little more complex. Right now I'm working on Hangetsu and I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do ... so I'm having a problem with Aito, and I'm sure you have the solution ...
    Thanks again.
    Mélanie 33 years in the Gard
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  92. Hi Bruno,
    It's clear and net your blog is absolutely great
    What I missed in class, I find it in your blog
    I also like your way of explaining and the note of perfection that you give to this sport of combat.
    My goal is to one day get my black belt, but this is not my main goal because I love the reassuring and philosophical side of the sport. It's two factors I find them on your blog.
    Many thanks and see you soon
    Jean-Michel, 55 years (but it does not look like), Strasbourg
  93. I discovered karate blog by chance looking for ways to perfect my Yoko-Gueri and I found interesting and detailed explanations with an anatomical approach that helps to understand and overcome difficulties.
    Congratulations for this great job and all that time. This is also why I introduce myself out of respect for all this work.
    My name is Joachim, I have 53 years I am 2ème dan, in preparation for the 3ème, I practice since 15 years having started teenager but a big interruption of 15 years
  94. Hello Bruno,
    I do not like sending messages, but I still wanted to thank you for your videos, when I have a moment I review. Your explanations are good, clear and clear. I think you're a great teacher and nice. Thank you for spending a lot of time for us and others.
    Good weekend
    Viviane, 47 years in Groslay (Val d'Oise)
  95. Very good site!
    Continue like this !
    Guillaume, 16 years, black belt, student in Montpellier
  96. Hello Bruno,
    Thank you for your articles because I always spend a good time reading them and I always learn something.
    Your videos help to apply, I prefer kihon videos that allow editing.
    Thanks again for your Blog.
    Isabelle, 42 years of Paris
  97. Thank you Bruno
    for your advice, the videos are well filmed and I have plenty of time to record the movements and your explanations are clear
    Magali 44 years old Bourg en Bressse
  98. Bruno hello ...
    My age (65 years) leaves me little time to reach the level that I would like to reach (black belt).
    At the same time I know that what counts is the path (Do).
    Your videos allow to rely on the technique of sensei that you are: generous (in his explanations) and strongly motivated by his art.
    Congratulations and thank you
    Michel, 65, retired teacher at Lambesc near Aix En Provence.
    Practitioner (White Belt) at Puyricard Dojo (Tomoé-Gozen)
  99. Hi Bruno,
    First of all a big thank you for your blog, which allows me to continue working karate at home. I find what you do very beautiful and generous.
    Thanks to your blog I remain motivated. Your videos are very interesting because they allow:
    -to have different explanations from my teachers.
    -Have repeated explanations (just restart the video).
    -To be able to take your time, to integrate the notion in question.
    Clement 23 years, student engineer in Biarritz, blue belt, Bayonne.
    PS: I particularly enjoyed the videos on the belt knot, letting go, and the one on the black belt.
  100. Hello Bruno,
    Thanks to your video lessons I was able to quickly learn the basics and quickly integrate into the club still very beginner less than a year ago.
    Raphael, 20 years, orthoptic student, orange belt (soon black belt I hope), Paris.
  101. I really appreciate the pedagogical side without any headaches, short but pragmatic explanations.
    You know how to distil the good advice with the good words without baratins.
    Too bad, that you are as far geographically because I really like to attend one of your courses or an internship led by you.
    I hope to find some advice in combat and creating bunkai.
    In any case, do not change anything and thank you again for having this idea to create this blog
    Christine, 45 years old, Saint Etienne
  102. Good evening Sensei,
    Fortunately, your blog exists, to motivate young people and the youngest like me (soon 55 years).
    Whenever I open my mail, the first message to be opened is ™.
    Vittorio, 55 years old and her grandson 8 years old.
    Vigile and I live in the Charleroi region in Belgium
  103. I am a beginner and I found your videos clear and complementary during
    Thank you for this pedagogy and sharing
    Jacques, 60 years old, Nice
  104. Bruno
    You do an amazing job that needs to be passionate and take all your free time. I'm sure it became a drug for you
    I would have liked to do the same, communicate about my passion, but there is only 24h in a day and my passion for martial arts well done makes me make choices.
    So I focus on the tatami and I appreciate your huge research work.
    Patrice, 58 years old, Flers, Orne
    (watch out for the computer excess, the same as the stamp collector who never finishes his collection)
  105. Hello Bruno,
    Thank you for sharing your passion for karate.
    May your joy and your dynamism accompany you every day.
    Cyril, forty-three, La Roche-sur-Yon.
  106. Thank you for this personal investment.
    Technically it brings me a lot and the message is clear.
    Bravo for everything.
    Michel, 53 years
  107. Hi Bruno,
    Super your blog !!!
    I particularly appreciate the videos !!!
    Congratulations for your investment !!!
    Olivier, 42 years old, brown belt, specialized educator, Grenoble
  108. A nice teacher at home always available !!!
    Thank you !!!
    Jean-Yves 55 years maintenance agent St Germain sur Vienne
  109. Thank you for all your advice
    I really liked the videos about stretching
    it helped me a lot.
    Jeffrey student ... I'm from Mauritius
  110. Hello Bruno
    The blog I like very well and the videos are superb: we learn a lot of things, a real gold mine.
    I restart only after 15 years of interruption so it will be really only now that I will use your blog.
    I regret not having your blog 15 years ago, I would have won a lot of time
    See you soon,
    Franck 40 years old Valenciennes (north)
  111. Hello,
    I enjoyed how to warm up and stretching the pelvis and hips.
    Thank you for your advice and services.
    I live in Algeria I have 38 years and I looked for advice to stretch my hips.
    I thank you for your contribution and your advice.

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  1. From the analysis of the katas of shutokan it appears that karate is an art of defense in the first place. Practically kata often start with guard positions followed by defense techniques. The names of kata additionally sign peace to spirituality meditation defense against one or even ten attackers (jutti) .... but an art of defense with warrior spirit.

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  3. Hello Bruno,
    Thank you for creating this blog. Enjoy karate and share your passion with others, it's very friendly and good sportsmanship. I find this site very complete. Of all the videos I have browsed on the net, have yours that have held my attention. They are of very high quality, in view of your simplicity, explanations "clear and clear", the decomposition of the movements etc. Eh yes ! a great professionalism! Recently in a club and single white belt, I have already perfect some delay. I will not hesitate to share your link with all interested people. Once again thank you ! 尊敬

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