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Karate3G ™ in 01net01G March 2016 The 3G ™ karate -> Mars target?

01net is a magazine devoted to new technologies, and the karate3G ™ was entitled to his article in the 839 issue published in March 2016. Which shows the innovative and modern side of the karate3G ™ method.

Moreover, even if the term "3G" of the karate3G ™ method has nothing to do with the 3G of your phones, it still refers to modernity.

Indeed, as I have probably already explained, karate3G ™ karateka are the 3th generation of Karateka.

  1. As you know, Karate originated in Okinawa and was practiced at the time in secret and was transmitted only from Master to student. It was the 1th generation of Karateka. It was not called Karate, but the Tode.
  2. Then the Karate was exported to Japan, including Master Funakoshi in 1922, to be broadcast first in schools in Japan and around the world. This is the Karate we know and practice in our clubs. This is what I call the 2th generation of Karateka.
  3. With karate3G ™, comes the 3th generation of Karateka who use the new technologies available to them to progress faster, such as videos and internet.

01net-N839-Mar-2016-karate3G ™It was therefore quite natural that a magazine like 01net, devoted to new technologies, talks about karate3G ™ : )

The number 839, is entitled "Objectif mars", but I assure you, you will not need to go so far to learn Karate. Your living room will suffice and thanks to the karate3G ™ method, it will be " Objective Progression«

See you soon,

PS: If NASA contacts us, I will not fail to tell you

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  1. I discovered with astonishment that old karate still exists and leads to similarities with karate like Mawashido or No-dan. The ancient karate is perhaps the karate of a long experience. 2.0 Karate (young university *) pretends 1.0 does not exist anymore but it does not have the same objectives and continues. Perhaps most common in the US with bases in Okinawa.
    For the modern: what is missing is a feedback on the practices and their physical results. I saw a gentleman with whom I was training in a very low club, who recognized me in the street. He told me that he had stopped because of hip problems, others of back problem. It would be nice if you could give the point of view of a physio ... for the not so young.
    Moreover, many retirees could do karate in the afternoon, or the dojos are empty but there is not much except the maintenance gym.The sportsman sticks much less.For new technology we let's mimic the old with the new and soon even karate will become uber ...

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