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What does the term “sensei” mean?

We all know that the term “sensei” is translated as “teacher” or “teacher”. This translation is absolutely correct, but let's try to dig deeper into it. So I will share my understanding of the term “sensei”. Hope this helps you in ...

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Why is karate not effective?

Today, karateka, I am going to address a subject that is often recurrent in discussions whose themes include martial arts. This article is inspired by the Karate by Jesse video, titled “Why karate doesn't work? " or "…

What is your personality as a karateka?

I can say it straight away: our body is no more important than our personality in Karate! Muscles or neurons, strength or motivation, endurance or perseverance… the body and the personality of the karateka always go hand in hand. And yes,…

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It's Karate-Gi's birthday

Today karateka, I am proud to present you KARATE-GI, the largest choice in the world of kimonos!… And apparently please because it has already seduced hundreds of karateka in just one year. So I present you all this here ...

Kime: the explosion of energy

All the power sought in Karatedō is in the Kime (決 め). Kime is the spirit of decision, it is the culmination of Karate, the "materialization of a physical and mental tension that has reached its climax." For Roland Habersetzer (9e dan), the Kime is the "concentrated energy explosion at one point" [1]. It manifests itself in the cry of Kiai.

The Secret of the Way of the Karatedō (1 / 3): What is the Way

The Way, Master Funakoshi followed it since its beginnings around the year 1880, on the island of Okinawa. Others have been practiced before him, and so can we. The Way is indispensable to the practice of Karate - to that of "Art" as Gichin Funakoshi said - that is why Karatedō was born.

We have seen that the roots of the Karate Way derive in part from Buddhist values ​​- Bodhi and Saṃsāra - and that the Karatedō starts from the body to reach the spirit and unite the two. Let us now try to describe what the Way is, from the description given by Master Funakoshi.

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